Know the 5 Best Ways to Use Hashtag Marketing Effectively

Know the 5 Best Ways to Use Hashtag Marketing Effectively

This is a story of how a symbol changed the way people searched on the digital realm…

The trend-setter ‘hashtag’ originated during the initial days of metadata tags. Subsequently, this trend caught up on social media platform first in October 2007 during the San Diego wild forest fire. Used as a medium to make people aware of the scenario, this symbol soon spread cross like fire.

Fast forward to today, and all business irrespective of their trade genre validates their establishment with the best backup from strong hashtag marketing. While social media gains ground as the most inexpensive and efficient marketing platform, there has been an ensuing increase in the usage of marketing tools for the same.

Proven to drive new leads, all businesses are focusing on mastering this marketing skill that is simple yet potent enough, if used strategically.

Pssst: did you know that hashtags can

  • Boost social media effectiveness by up to 40%
  • Improve engagement rate up to about 12.6% (Twitter and Instagram only)

Check out the following tips and tricks on a hashtag marketing strategy that will boost your traffic manifold –

  1. Use your hashtag on multiple social media platforms

One of the primary tips that any pro in hashtag marketing must have is cross-platform skills. At present, there are 3.2 billion social media users across the world, approximately 42% of the global population.

Here are a few statistics based on each social media platform –

  • Facebook leads social media usage and draws 62% of the population
  • Approximately 90.45% millennials and 77.5% of the Gen X population are daily visitors to either of the platforms
  • On average, each of the social media users spends 2 hours 22 minutes daily scrolling across the various social media sites

Considering such an extensive availability of targeted audience, what could be better than targeting them via the social media sites? Engage their sights and draw in their interest with unique hashtags that leaves a lingering taste in their mind.

  1. Make sure that the hashtag is concise and crisp

It is not enough to identify the perfect marketing tools; what is essential is acknowledging and utilising the best possible hashtag marketing tactics. In the case of hashtags, the trick is to keep it short and crisp. Keeping a shorter hashtag ensures that capture the attention of your targeted audience and hence have better shots at enhanced conversion rates.

  1. Blend in with the trending ones

According to the best hashtag marketing campaign, it is ideally vital to hold on to the trending hashtags while launching your own. Considering that you find one that is related to your business, it is essential that you engage in it by using this tag. Doing so ensures outreach to an extensive prospective clientele base.

Since trending hashtags have a better chance at visibility, this promotes better opportunities for your hashtag to gain interest in your potential targeted audience.

  1. Remember never to go overboard

Following the popularity of this hashtag trend, there has also been an unfortunate rise in the incidents of spamming due to the use of multiple hashtags in a single post. It also gives your audience the impression that your brand is trying too hard to promote themselves or their goods and services.

As for correct hashtag usage, the best hashtag marketing strategy from experts in this field suggests the best option is to go for a couple of hashtags that would be engaging enough for your audience and convenient enough to re-share.

  1. Let your hashtag’s message and that of your brand’s go hand-in-hand

While your hashtag needs to be trending, you cannot afford to miss out on its ultimate motive – boosting your brand’s popularity. This is feasible only when the message delivered by your hashtag and that of your brand are in sync with one another.

It ensures that when your hashtag goes trending so does your brand and that would be the best inexpensive marketing strategy that one can try for. Going ahead with this unique hashtag marketing tactic ensures that your campaign resounds across the corners of your trade and reaches out to the maximum potential clients.

So, what are you waiting for? Start working on your hashtag today and be prepared to witness a dramatic rise in your traffic!

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