11 unique branding ideas to consider in 2020

11 unique branding ideas to consider in 2020

2020 is the ideal opportunity for you to refine and refresh your branding. With so much happening around in the world, it becomes imperative for you to reach your customers by making the right changes in your branding techniques. The article includes some of the best design trends for product packaging, graphic design, logos, typography, and web design that add to the list of best branding trends in 2020.

Before digging into the 2020’s best branding trends, you should know that branding is vital for your brand, so you need to take it seriously. Starting from your logo, branding also includes your website, social media presence, packaging, and much more. Most of your customers and clients love well-designed branding. Therefore, you need to portray yourself in a visually compelling way so that your audience reacts positively and becomes your brand-loyal followers. 

The 11 unique branding ideas to consider in 2020 are:

  1. Show your authenticity: When talking about real life or brands, it is essential for you to be authentic so that people can trust you and take you where you deserve to be. Even though choosing to be authentic in branding may sound unfamiliar to you, it will help your customers recognize you, earn more loyal customers, and define yourself amongst your competitors. Align your branding ideas with your persona and values and adapt to your customers’ preferences to be unique.
  2. Be socially responsible: Humanistic attitude and altruism can help you show your right attitude towards social problems. Your audience will respect your brand even more if you donate your profits to a charitable cause or sponsor some initiatives that cause an improvement in the lives of humans. This PR tool speaks for itself and helps you enhance your brand’s perception in front of your audience. 
  3. Invest in creative brand visual content: Apart from your brand’s logo, every other publication regarding your brand is nothing but an extended image of your brand. These publications are instrumental in both marketing and advertising campaigns. Therefore, for attracting more audiences towards your brand, you should intentionally monitor and put out a variety of compelling and definite visual content across different platforms. Thus, investing in illustrations, brand videos, graphics, printed materials, art-work, written materials, etc. can positively impact your business.
  4. Start blogging about your business: By starting an official blog for your business, you can attract a wider audience. Being amongst the best branding efforts, owning an official blog is more advantageous as it makes you popular quickly. Since customers cannot find everything regarding your brand, you can inform them about your work, the products you are about to launch, and any other brand information through your blogs. Blogs serve the purpose of ensuring the accountability and credibility of the brand for the coming years to your audience.
  5. Get in touch with a branding agency: By getting in touch with a branding agency, you will get streamlined updates as to what steps you should take for creating a better brand presence through the branding techniques suggested by the agency. Rush Republic is amongst the best branding agencies in India and has won international awards for its branding design, brand marketing, and digital marketing services. You can get in touch with the branding professionals from Rush Republic to create lasting impressions on your customers.
  6. Choose email marketing: Email marketing is one of the most impactful branding strategies for inviting a more extensive audience base towards your brand. By drafting creative, compelling, and relatable e-mails to your customers, you can impact their minds so that they explore your brand. Keep your emails interactive and portray a friendly image regarding your brand in front of your audience.
  7. Present your merchandise to your audience: One of the best ways of creating excitement in the minds of your audience concerning your brand is by offering your official merchandise to them. You can create your brand’s merchandise with things like keychains, mugs, t-shirts, etc. and offer them to your customers whenever they purchase products from your business. Adding a gift with their order can spark an interest in the minds of your potential customers.
  8. Improvise your logo: If there is one trick that does not fail in creating a buzz around your brand, then it is regarding improvising on your logo. The brand visuals need to be creative so that the audience can get impressed with your brand visuals. By improvising your logo, you create an additional charm regarding your brand, which attracts customers.
  9. Use the right social media strategy: Being the best tool for connecting with your customers, social media has the power to drive the highest traffic to your website. By forming meaningful relationships with your customers, you can understand their behavior and create social media marketing strategies to engage them with your brand. Thus, it will help you to form the right approach to create the right brand presence.
  10. Get in touch with brand influencers: Influencer marketing is the most popular type of marketing. With more people following various influencers on different social media platforms, you can get in touch with the right influencer and ask them to advertise your brand in such a manner that it conveys the right message regarding your brand to the target audience.
  11. Start video marketing: As per a research, about 54% of customers want to see brands uploading videos regarding their products and other things related to the brand. Since videos are an appealing way of grabbing your audience’s interest, you can create videos that are unique from your competitors and show the benefits of your products in the best possible way!

Branding is the foundation of every thriving business, and therefore, leveraging the right branding techniques help in winning the loyalty of the customers more successfully. The unique blend of time-proven and modern branding strategies explained in the article will do the right job of implementing a positive brand image in front of your audience. Use these 11 strategies and see your brand soar in 2020!

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