Multicultural Marketing: Why and How should you do it?

Multicultural Marketing: Why and How should you do it?

What is multicultural marketing? Consumer market is growing continuously in diversity; multicultural marketing is the ultimate gateway to reach out to all these diverse consumers and build brand loyalty among them. Multicultural Marketing strategy has grown to be a necessity for brands that are trying to build real and genuine connections with consumers. It is the practice of marketing products to one or more audiences of diverse ethnicity. It primarily focuses on ethnicity outside of a country’s general market.

Multicultural marketing trends take advantages of different cultural aspects of diverse ethnic groups which include elements like language, traditions, celebrations, religion and so on. These cultural referents help brands to communicate effortlessly to their target audiences. This type of targeting can offer major returns to a brand. But multicultural marketing should be handled with care; because it is imperative to avoid stereotypes and balance the culture. Adopting Multicultural marketing strategies will allow brands to attain a unique competitive advantage. It is a proven fact that consumers make purchase decisions based on personal, social, cultural and psychological factors. Hence, identifying and recognizing what factors entice a multicultural consumer to purchase is very significant, and strategies must be plotted accordingly.

When Multicultural marketing is executed properly, it will result in great success of the brand or product. Therefore, the real question is not why multicultural marketing, but how to design an effective multicultural campaign?

Understand who is a multicultural Consumer

Research is the ultimate guide to any successful marketing campaign. But in multicultural marketing, you must grasp the essence of the word Multicultural consumer first. Earlier in US, multicultural consumers were identified as Hispanics, African Americans, Asians, Native Americans, etc. However, the term has received a new dimension and today, it is much more than what it used to be. Since culture is much more than ethnicity and race, multicultural consumers include minority religions and sexual orientations as well.


This is the most important step when you design any marketing campaign. It is quintessential to have a thorough idea of what you are marketing, to whom you are marketing and in which platform are you marketing. Even the case of multicultural marketing is no different. The biggest error happens when you start assuming things about minority groups and their way of working. Get rid of your presumptions and thoughts, instead start researching.

Nobody would want their campaign to perform poorly, so as to avoid that, it is important to compile all the data that you have obtained from your research and be well versed on your target market.


Now that you have all your data on place, next step is to plan your campaign. This is the point where you will come up with ideas to demonstrate your product or brand, resonating strongly with your intended target audience. In this phase, you will have to design creative strategies to communicate your message. The goal is to relate your brand or product or service to the unique customer group to whom you are going to market.


Crosscheck! Execution is another important part in your campaign design. Once the creative is done, make sure you crosscheck the content to assure there are no errors. Ask reviewers or other employees to look over your content and ask them to provide their insights about the same. This is a phase where you can’t go wrong. So the prime MANTRA should be crosschecking your content.

Once, all of these steps are followed in order, you are all set to start your Multicultural Marketing Campaign.

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