Uncover the Tips to Build a Successful Twitter Marketing Strategy

Uncover the Tips to Build a Successful Twitter Marketing Strategy

Tweeting is the trending sound reverberating across the social media platform since the last couple of years.

Think about this…

When was the last time you missed out catching up on the latest information in the world of entertainment, politics, sports, etc. on Twitter?

Isn’t it evident that everyone across the globe at present is leaning towards this social media platform?

This wide popularity of Twitter makes it a vital platformwhere marketers are running their Twitter marketing strategy on a whetstone. According to recent studies, there are about 7000 tweets/second across the globe. With such traffic in thissocial media, the lifespan of each Twitter post is about 18 minutes, beyond which a post is lost amongst the crowd of millions.

Considering this intense competition, creating an impact through Twitter posts becomes exceptionally challenging as compared to the posts on other social media platforms like Facebook. Such circumstances call for the assistance of expert marketing techniques that carry a power punch to levitate a Twitter post to the top and guarantee its long-lasting impression.

Go ahead; check out the top tips on Twitter marketing strategy. They are the hush-hush secrets for every proficient in this marketing field!

Top strategies to up your Twitter marketing game!

Marketing is all about creating a buzz regarding the product and services that your brand offers. More eyes on the post hint at more chances of conversion.Considering the fact that

  • 2019 saw 4.388 billion users delved in the world of internet, and
  • 84 users were drawn to the various social media sites,

-it is understandable that marketers all across the globe are targeting social media sites to reach out to their prospective clients.

However, a vast majority of brands, irrespective of their genre of trade, are leaning towards leaving a digital trail for their existing and prospective clients. This creates an extremely competitive environment which requires the expert intervention of trending tactics to up the game in the Twitter marketing realm.

So, here you go – the top tips to spruce up your Twitter campaigns!

    #1. It’s ‘Go Live’ time!

The primary focus of any marketing team is to ensure that the post creates a lasting impression on the mind of the viewers. According to researchers, nothing does this better than video representations. Approximately,80% of the users who view Twitter videos tend to remember those as compared to vanilla posts.

So, make sure to hail your brand’s new launch through an attractive video in Twitter advertising!

    #2. Remember to tweet for a cause

Remember #TBH? It retained its foothold despite the crowd of thousand other such trending hashtags. The reason being the intent with which it was started.

Know this: your existing and prospective customers look ahead to see your brand participating in such affirmative empowerment programs. This reflects the transparency and integrity that a company holds.

So, get yourself updated about the latest trending hashtags on women empowerment, literacy programs, emergency responses on natural disasters, etc. Make sure that your clients get to see your company in a positive light.

Pssstt…However, choose your battles wisely. Make sure not to get involved in controversial Twitter campaigns. Such alliance tends to be remembered for long!

    #3. Steal the show with the best visuals

Would you want to miss out on chances to boost your client conversion rate?

Then, let their eyes feast on the visuals of your products and services!

  • 90% of snap judgments made about products are based on the colour of their images alone.
  • 63% of social media comprises images.

Be it Twitter arts, Emojis, or other multimedia – visuals in any form play a crucial role in driving more client engagement. These multimedia options may include GIFs, images, or videos. By 2016, Twitter was already flooded with 100 million GIFs.

The incorporation of such visuals seems to be the best Twitter marketing strategy presently. What follow is not just purchases but free marketing through constant re-tweets and shares on various social media platforms.

    #4. Celebrate the power Twitter advertising

Looking for the most convenient and cost-effective Twitter marketing strategy?

Well, the answer would be – building Twitter ad campaigns. It allows you to target specific audiences through keywords, profiles, and hashtags.

In this context, it would serve to be useful if a person keeps track of conversion because he/she can later retarget them during his/her next campaign. Several tools are available which are designed to provide accurate assistance on this topic.

    #5. Implement influencer marketing tactics

So, what exactly is influencer marketing?

It is a new strategy adopted by all marketers to establish a bond between a brand and some specific individuals for mutual benefit. The purpose is to utilize the individual’s brand and boost a brand’s professional trust. This individual may be content curators, or budding bloggers, or anyone with a specific hold over a group of Twitter users.

Through this form of Twitter campaigns, companies can create a unique brand campaign and hence, build a group of the target audience.

    #6. Be organized with your posting dates

Did you know?

According to experts, the right posting schedule can boost your Twitter engagement by about 192% in a single day!

Once you build a specific time frame for your posts, your existing and potential clients would know when to look into your profiles. Considering that Twitter often serves to be the introductory platform for your company, it is essential that the first impression is well enough to draw them towards your services. A scheduled posting routine reflects your brand’s perseverance and consistency.

Moreover, with an optimized schedule for your tweets, you can also target specific peak hours for Twitter posts. Upon a researched approach, you can get accustomed to the days of the week, and specific hours in those days when traffic is the most. This will increase your chances of reaching out to the maximum clients at a time.

In addition to the tips mentioned above, you can always incorporate a few more tactics to bring in finesse to your Twitter marketing strategy. These are:

  • Conversational tone in posts
  • Quality content
  • The aid of the best Twitter marketing tools
  • Hawk’s eye on your brand’s mention anywhere on Twitter
  • Choosing appropriate hashtags

Tweet away with these trending Twitter marketing strategy,and witness the dramatic improvement in your brand’s success!

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