Top 5 Ruling Rambos of Digital Marketing in 2019!

Top 5 Ruling Rambos of Digital Marketing in 2019!

We have already dived into a digital marketing bonanza, haven’t we?

The numerous digital marketing trends that have been doing the rounds for the last 3-4 years
are changing the game of online brand business.

Every year, you see thousands of tabs on the Google Search Engine relating to the latest
trending news creating a feverish buzz.

So, as 2018 is soon going to wrap up, let us be the first to gouge the 2019 trends of the digital
world! Your marketing game plan needs a prelude, and this perhaps, can help you start your
prep for the upcoming year.

5 best digital marketing trends that will sweep your customers off their feet!

I. Live Videos

Aha! About this, you have heard like a gazillion times! And why shouldn’t you? Live videos are
sensation creating digital marketing tools through which you get to tell your brand story in the
most organic way possible. Facts state that 82% of viewers prefer watching a brand’s live
updates rather than the casual social media posts. With the boom in social media, especially
Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, live streaming will be the clear winner for you in 2019!

II. Smart Speakers

Okay, so these are the ones making headlines in the digital marketing news. As voice search optimization rises to peak, smart speakers along with their personal subordinates are changing a brand’s relationships with its consumers. This is a revolution indeed as in the upcoming years, clienteles will buy for say Amazon’s Alexa or other voice-driven speakers to shop and order for anything. Brands have to fully develop their voice marketing strategies, say till 2022.

III. Video Ads

Online video ads are going to dominate the next decade.

Being a viable part of the digital marketing trends, this will have a crucial impact on your customers. See, nowadays people’s attention length is pretty much dwindling and as they scour through the millions of online texts, video ads can be their engaging factor. You have to conceptualize and disseminate authentic brand content in the most lucid manner possible. Your advertisements should be the perfect visual speakers which will transfer the brand message in an easy manner.

IV. Chatbots

They call it the “battle of bots” and for good reason. Chatbots are your way of enhancing customer engagement without giving them the minimum hint that they are interacting with a machine. Utilising them on the social media frontier is a known practice, and now, you have to boost the communication level between your brand and consumers to reach an advanced level.

V. Internet Television

It is a seismic shift when you want to portray your brand ads on internet TV. It remains the best bet if you want to reach your target audience. This basically emerges as a shotgun approach where you reach the mass market at one go!

Gear up your brand game with these quirky 5 digital marketing trends in 2019!

Top 5 Ruling Rambos of Digital Marketing in 2019!
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Top 5 Ruling Rambos of Digital Marketing in 2019!
As 2018 wrapped up. There will be new trends that are going to dominate the Digita Marketing field in the year 2019. So we have listed 5 trends that are going to dominate in 2019
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