Story of a Silent Ambassador: 2019 Logo Designs, Change & More

Story of a Silent Ambassador: 2019 Logo Designs, Change & More

A sudden flurry in the marketing world to declare one’s brand identity, to sit up straight and make a statement to the audience is what’s striking the peeps the most. With the release of Slack’s quirky logo and that of MasterCard’s a week before, brands are literally on a roll!

The value of rebranding via changing the insignia can be seen growing like an ivy slowly gathering momentum. Brand marketing is a highly effective tool for business which codifies, unifies and connects the target hub with a brand’s innate story. Perhaps, that is why this new wave has started to come to the shores of branding.

Changing the insignia design to give a new message: Citing some examples!


Changing its logo and incurring quite a mixed bag of reviews, Zara raised a storm amongst its fan club. Your target audience is not so keen on change.

In the case of Zara, the general consensus for the new design was that the font had become a bit ‘squished’. As per this brand, they agreed that their new emblem did lack space in between the letters, but they did it on purposes.

Making the symbol visually chic, the brand desired to keep its image fresh and contemporary. Rather than opting for an elitist looking script which makes the brand come off as ‘pretentious’, Zara went for a rebranding that protruded a simplistic essence.

Kate Spade:

The New York brand altered its classic logo of a spade this spring. Larger and coming in a variety of colors, its signature “clover” green branding now come as “pink kiss”. The brand stated on its Instagram account that instead of their patent tonal enameled spade, they shall now promise diverse colored spades in gold, pink and other “pretty enamel shades”.

In its spring collection, Kate Spade launched its “spade heart twistlock” that unlocks handbags by twisting a heart in the spade placed upside down.


Slack went straight from a unique logo to something which resembles your local apothecary. The brand laid out quite a reasonable argument in its blog post on this sudden change.

“We had our first emblem created before our brand was launched. It is playful, and our octothorpe (hash sign) represented a character which you see in front of our product channels. Our design was vulnerable of being perceived in a wrong manner. It had 11 different shades, and when placed on any color other than white, they tweaked in a wrong way that pained us.”

The company has designed its new emblem to mark consistency. They can now come off as a singular mark fixing any wrong perceptions that were previously held by the audience.

Dunkin’ Donuts:

The brand dropped its sweet treats from their name. It had been quite a strong rebranding where the company wished to shift its common perception. Instead of a “morning coffee” stop, it was now an “any time of your day on the go” stop.

This change is a logical extension of its tagline – “America runs on Dunkin’”. It has now expanded its drinks range and food menu to entice a much younger target group.

Take the risk – rebranding in 2019

If you are apprehensive about changing your brand’s emblem or go for a rebrand spurt, then it’s time you dropped the ball.

Embrace the change as it is the only constant that remains viable.

  • Growth in your business is what you must always look for. However, there can be certain pain points that you need to check and change. You need to reposition yourself within your niche so that you can encompass a wider periphery of your target hub.
  • Setting yourself apart is another branding game that you need to get yourself into this year. If your marketplace gets oversaturated, your brand becomes more prone to becoming less and less discrete. In this case, a rebrand is what sends a message to your market that you are the ONE.
  • If you have a solid and planned out brand strategy, then there’s nothing to worry about. However, if you have a clustered and messy font image, then boy, do you need a CHANGE. Pinpointing your logo and identity in a direct manner is what you got to do here.
  • There will be times when you will wish to serve a mass market at a comparatively low charge. On the other hand, there can be times when you want to work on a market comprising the select few. However, if you try to bring both these contradictory groups under one umbrella, then that won’t pay off well. If you desire to market for a new demographic, you need to grow a new brand identity.

For new insignia redesign, here are a few questions you need to ask yourself before fixating upon one pattern –

  • Has your brand expanded or changed?
  • Do you have a new competitor in your domain?
  • Are you adhering to a new group?
  • Has your mission changed?
  • Is your emblem up to date?

Providing a unique identity and image to your brand via redesigning your logo is what the new age marketing calls for.

The emblem is a symbol of your brand that needs to associate with your customers in a personal manner. Brand insignias are not simply designs and patterns encrusted on a fancy platter. They are your company’s silent ambassadors who tell your brand story with visual appeal.

They must be memorable. For example, the “tick” of Nike, the “half bitten apple” of Apple, the slanted bars of Adidas and similar global brands have stuck to your mind ever since you saw them!

People remember images more easily than words. A creative badge for your brand ought to make them remember your product or service. Now, your emblem will be designed in a manner which speaks about what you cater.

It’s all about taking the big leap you know?

A chic, smart and interactive symbol can turn heads and make your brand name ring true amongst the crowd. So, revamp your logo and recreate your brand identity to strengthen credibility in 2019.

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