Instagram Marketing: Tell Your Story to Increase Your Readers!

Instagram Marketing: Tell Your Story to Increase Your Readers!

#Iger, #Ig_follow #Instablogger #Instagramhub…..

Well, you can go on and on with the millions of hashtags you see every time someone in your circle posts something on Instagram, the coolest social media platform out there.

Instagram marketing has upped the online branding game by 67% as per the recent market research. It is the most lucrative social media platform where any brand can become the hottest profile with the maximum number of followers.

Here, at Insta, you get to create an illustrative brand identity by posting images, sharing stories, following potential leads – in a word, being RELEVANT.

Stories told are stories remembered…

The Insta story is the latest chic feature hooking the new-age igers to the platform. What igers do here is share moments from their life with brilliant emojis, hashtags, even asking questions or creating an answer box for their followers to respond.

  • The places you go, eat or drink, what you see and which aspect gets imprinted in your memory – all of these are fodders for an Insta story.
  • These stories are published separately. They are found in your Insta profile picture where you can be as creative and engaging as you want.
  • Ig stories are fun and help your brand generate awareness regarding its latest happenings within a short period.
  • They have been credited for fuelling massive follower growth for many brands; some of them being Teen Vogue, Bustle, etc.
  • The stories also encourage the growth of Instagram Direct as here one-to-one messaging can take place.

[Note: Recently, it was seen that 1 out of 5 Ig stories gets one direct reply. This makes the brand connect with its audience on a more personal level.]

Being a pro at curating the best Instagram marketing content –




These 3C’s should be your mantra if you want to have a gala time on this platform that currently has more than 25 million businesses.

Establishing the “look” of your brand is of utmost importance. You see, here, it is all about being visually consistent. The more authentic and relevant your image content is, the more is the chance of people recognizing your brand at a glance.

Your goal on Instagram is to make sure that the users do not just merely scroll away their home feed even after seeing your brand post.

You have got to keep it REAL!

The moment your audience realises that your stories actually convey something, with which they can connect to, you are a winner.

Instagram stories have always proved to be invaluable for users as well as marketers. Both have embraced short-form videos, the images and the stories. Moreover, with superb filters and animated features, your story does come alive ready to hook a substantial follower base. The hashtags added to your story make your follower count go up really fast!

Instagram marketing is interlinked with other social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. Just stop from slapping up a stock image that carries no relation with your brand service, and you are good to shine.

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