Conquering Conversion Rate: How You Can Nail It in 7 Ways

Conquering Conversion Rate: How You Can Nail It in 7 Ways

Once there was a wise man, who said,

“If you do not win ‘em all, you win nothing!”

The urge to become a digital maestro seems like a Saturday Night Fever where everyone wants to be a John Travolta! It is an inherent desire for every single virtual marketer to see the numbers of his conversion rate leap. Such is the rage today.

Searching for some magical way in which your page conversion receives a healthy kick might be your everyday browsing chore. However, zillions of posts are floating around the web where you can easily get lost as in the Bermuda Triangle conundrum.

Quite a pickle, eh?

You want to save time and look for the absolute ways in which your landing page becomes the hotspot for your niche traffic.

Right now, you ARE on such a spot! You have hit (un)knowingly the RIGHT tab where you will find (not tedious) info regarding increasing conversion rates for your webpage.

Optimising conversion rate – Ways to make the numbers rise

  1. CTAs planned strategically

Your landing page has a purpose. Either it is regarding generating leads or for building a hefty list of subscribers. In this case, using a CTA which is Call to Action, you get to promote this purpose effortlessly. CTA acts as a direct instruction for your page visitors in a non-nagging way.

According to Google, CTAs should always be placed in a viewable position. They can be ‘above the fold’ which is not at the page’s top section. 47% to 93% of leads come from CTA alone!

  1. Facebook Ads

Social media presence quips for the most sought-after lead generating strategy today. Moreover, with paid Facebook Ads, you get to make your virtual presence a whole lot effective. These advertisements pop up at the side while your millennial user scrolls down the news feed, searching or rather ‘stalking’ a suspicious crush.

Your brand story presented via such ads in quirky imagery becomes appealing to your viewer.

  1. Mobile Optimization

Check out some facts first –

  • 79% of online research takes place on social media platforms via smartphones.
  • 70% of millennial’s media time happens through the latest mobile model they bought!

If your mobile conversion rate is not up to the mark, then you are lagging. Smartphones are the growing marketing segments of the 21st century, and you CANNOT afford to lose out on this part. They have become the principal channel of browsing, and thus, optimising your site to become a mobile-friendly page proves highly essential.

  1. Multivariate testing – A/B

A/B testing is an experimental kind where you set up 2 different webpage versions or landing pages and see how much traffic each hooks in. By measuring the conversation numbers for each, you will get a declared winner. After identifying the winner, you get to improve it by making it more appealing to viewers.

  1. Live Chats

These help build a more personal connection with your target group. Many webpage visitors prefer chatting to calling. Emails are also great, but they do take a much longer period to reply. Live chats here become beneficial as people can get answers to their queries instantly. Such interactions are the best and easiest way to put their mind in peace.

  1. Compelling value proposition

Strengthening your brand’s value proposition is another pertinent way of enhancing the conversion rate for your webpage. Any brand’s proposition must adhere to the following questions –

“What’s in it for my customers?”

“Why buy from me instead of my competitors?”

The value proposition should be the obvious message shown on your home page. Proper descriptions and CTAs make up for good ones.

  1. Sales Funnel creation





These are the 4 crucial parameters as explained in the famous AIDA model of brand marketing.

For any service or product, you have to generate awareness amongst your target audience and then design the product in a way which will pique their interests and eventually lead to a desire for purchasing. The final step shall be ACTION where the buyers BUY. If your webpage does not garner such sentiments, your conversion rate will indefinitely not rise.

Enhancements for the landing page: What you can do?

In a perfect world, no one has any problem at ranking in every area of his/her service offerings. Unlike the not so Willy Wonka like reality, you must work towards enhancing your landing pages.

  • Opt for unique content in these pages so that an evocative essence gets created for your target people.
  • Prioritise your highest volume areas and add more pages to them, especially those in lesser volume regions.
  • Landing page has to serve the ultimate purpose – answering queries. Usefulness and added-value features enable the page to become more active.
  • Keep in mind that your heading matches with your ads. Moreover, H1 and H2 tags must also be in synchronisation.
  • Location-specific content is another vitality you should aim for. Increasing the conversion rate with testimonials also proves lucrative.

Be the mighty conqueror of conversions in 2019!

Remember that time in 2008 when Former President Obama’s campaign went viral for the right cause?

During that presidential drive, Dan Siroker who is the CEO/Founder of Optimizely served as the Analytics Director for the campaign. They created a unique assortment of images and videos along with tag lines so that the majority of people signed up the campaign newsletter. Ultimately, they put up 24 diverse campaign push-buttons that had –

  • 4 button options
  • 3 images
  • 3 videos

Did you know the result?

  1. 11.6% of conversion rates were measured for winning variation.
  2. 40.6% increase was seen over the original rate.
  3. There were 2,880,000 sign-ups additionally.

Such a massive change points to the fact that you can up your digital game if you put in effective tools as mentioned before.

Of course, there are hundreds of other ways such as social media marketing, SSL protection, removal of jargons and more. Try the ways out ASAP, and see the magic they spin on the virtual stage.

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