All you need to know about IGTV marketing!

All you need to know about IGTV marketing!

Instagram announced the release of IGTV, and with it came a galore of videos uploaded by everyone from celebrities to prominent brands. It is a platform that allows its users to watch the long-form, vertical video. IGTV also allows the users to upload videos of a length of up to one-hour (as opposed to the existing maximum of one-minute videos). Since the release of IGTV, the marketers have been working hard at looking for ways to take advantage of this new platform for IGTV marketing. To have a better understanding of what IGTV is and how to use IGTV effectively for marketing, we will now take a look at IGTV and how to make the most from it.


Instagram TV is an app within Instagram which is introduced by Facebook. It allows users to upload high-quality vertical videos on the Instagram app. The users have access to uploading videos to their IGTV channels for a duration of 15 seconds to 60 minutes long. The larger and verified accounts have access to uploading videos up to 60 minutes long. These extended videos have to be uploaded from a computer, thus making content more compelling to the target audience for IGTV marketing. IGTV is unquestionably worth investing time in for marketers since Instagram is all about creating appealing content.


This segment will cover the steps of how to use IGTV on Instagram. For using IGTV, the users have to start by clicking the little TV icon in the top right corner of the Instagram app. After clicking on that icon, users can explore videos from the accounts that they follow or accessible content that other people have posted. To upload a video on IGTV, the users have to create their own IGTV channel. For creating an IGTV channel, the users need to go into the IGTV section and click the settings button. Then, once the users enter in their channel, the users are free to upload videos. IGTV gives its users the option to add a title and description. It also gives the option of sharing the IGTV video to their Facebook Page.


Through IGTV, influencers and brands can communicate with their audience differently by getting creative in producing engaging vertical videos. It is essential to create content which resonates with the target audience, build the brand community with appealing and informative videos to market effectively. IGTV has been introduced at the perfect time where branded videos have been gaining a lot of attention. A brand can now tell a story through videos, which will connect IGTV at the center of social media digital marketing strategies. Thus, brands nowadays have started using and formulating an IGTV marketing strategy.

IGTV is equally beneficial for both influencers and brands that want to collaborate. A business could not only use this feature for their branded video content, but it could also make IGTV a requirement of its future influencer campaigns and encourage the influencers to create more video content. Some of the IGTV best practices include the company to focus on engaging existing audiences while tapping into new ones, testing their creativity, and ultimately reap the benefits of increased brand awareness through effective marketing on Instagram.

IGTV offers a distinct way to reach people in the place where they already spend most of their time. Building videos formatted especially for IGTV, opens a wide door to get more viewership, go more in-depth with an audience, and provide more value. Thus, IGTV will be excellent for brands because it will make sharing video content less cumbersome without any interruptions.

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