A Guide to emoji marketing

A Guide to emoji marketing

Emojis are always a fun way to add a colour of hilarity to any messages. A few years ago, everyone would have just laughed off at the thought of using emoji for marketing. Today from small to big brands, all of them are experimenting emoji marketing.

With 92% of internet users using emojis and new symbols constantly coming on-stream, emoji is considered to be the fastest growing language in history. They are changing the dimensions of modes of communication by becoming steadfast part of modern language.

Emoji marketing is the addition of an emotion to your marketing.

What is Emoji?

In simple words, emoji is a small digital image or icon used to express an idea or emotion. Emoji can be seen in modern communication apps such as text messaging or social networking apps which include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.

Why use emoji for marketing?

Emoji has grown to be very popular among all those smart phone zombies and social media buffs. With their growing use and popularity, it is a good option for marketers to use the same language as their audience. But that is not just it! Even from a scientific perspective, this makes sense.

Humans are visual creatures and our brains easily understand images. Many studies have suggested that people mostly remember 10% of what we hear, 20% of what we read and 80% of what we see.

Hence more the visual content, there are high chances for audience to recall our message. Therefore, emojis are simple non-verbal prompt, that you could easily pull off in your messages.

Emojis are attention grabbing and they communicate a ton of meaning and emotions with one single symbol and that is why it has a huge reach among the internet users these days.

Facebook posts that use emojis receive 57% more likes and 33% more comments and shares than those without them. Often tweets and posts with emojis are recorded with high engagement rates.

Shrewd and creative use emoji marketing campaigns can bring great results to your brand in a positive way.

Understand if emoji marketing is right for your brand

Consider you brand personality before involving in emoji marketing. If you are a brand that is into fashion, sports, music or any other form of entertainment, then emojis will go well with your brand.

However, if you belong to a serious market segment, it is advisable to avoid emojis when you post or tweet on social media.

Do not overuse emojis

Next important tip to keep in mind is that, do not overdo.

Use emojis in moderation. Overloading your post with emojis will not give you good results. Too many emojis in your social media marketing and your campaign will feel forced, irritating, or just confusing.

Understand the meaning of the emoji

Yes, this is important. It is imperative that you understand what each emoji means before you use them.

Many emojis are interpreted differently by different users. Emojis are visual slang, if you use them without understanding its context, chances are that it might end up looking inappropriate.

If you aren’t sure of what an emoji means or whether they have an alternate meaning, you can always do a Google search by entering that emoji in the search bar.

Do not confuse audience

Use emojis in such a way that the message is conveyed clearly to the audience. While emojis can add fun element to your post, it is never a replacement to the content or message itself.

Emojis are more of a decorative element and a way to emphasize an idea within a message.

If you are to follow these four points, you can benefit a lot from emoji marketing.

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