8 Best Examples Digital Marketing Campaigns in 2018

8 Best Examples Digital Marketing Campaigns in 2018

Portraying a staunch stand against racism

Fighting against beauty clichés

Empowering women

Brands had made a POINT in 2018 with their hard-hitting digital marketing campaigns.

It was a maze of dynamism.

The field of digital brand marketing continues to evolve like the recently discovered “Black Hole” enigma by NASA. This world does protrude an immense virtual gravitational pull asking marketers to become more and more unconventional and carve mind-boggling campaigns for their brands.

Social media, website content curation and portraying a PERSONALITY – these have been the focus last year.

Back to a robust nostalgia – Digital marketing campaigns that played well

  1. NIKE – “Just Do It”

This mega-giant of a sports brand stirred controversy when it revealed its ad that starred NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

The tag line said,

“Believe in something…. Even if it means that you sacrifice everything.”

A divisive figure in the US, Kaepernick had received both criticism and praise for kneeling down while the national anthem played protesting racial injustice. Therefore, Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign for its 30th anniversary included him and stoked a split impression. The brand received immense attention which ultimately paid off well. The brand incurred “record engagement” on social media and received a good “uptick” in its website traffic.

  1. LinkedIn – “What are you in it for?”

Right at the beginning of the year 2018, LinkedIn, the professional social media network, embarked upon creating a niche campaign.

It changed the advertising pace, and as a professional networking platform, LinkedIn started its social media campaign where it asked its “CONNECTIONS” – what they are in it for?

With the answers which its members put forward, the platform created a dexterous video ad campaign and launched it during the Golden Globes. Individuals answering why they push themselves professionally to a new boundary featured in this video.

LinkedIn made sure that their social media campaign promoted the idea that no matter what their members are in their platform for; they are all in it together.

  1. KFC – “Herbs & Spices”

A brilliant Twitter team made KFC take the “Pun of course intended” to an entirely different level. To cut it short, the brand actually followed very subtly 11 herbs and spices on Twitter.

If you take a look at KFC’s account on Twitter, then you shall see that the brand is now following 6 men named HERB and 5 women who formed the Spice Girls. The restaurant known for its tag line “11 Herbs & Spices” used for prepping its famous fried chicken recipe did this fun campaign that received numerous retweets and guffaws.

Currently, their Twitter handle has 1.23 million followers and exactly 11 users whom they follow! It was indeed a clever digital marketing campaign by KFC.

  1. DOVE – Change the Rhyme

Beauty stereotypes have been a constant memory especially for women around the world. This sensitive area received a tap from Dove which aimed to implement a strong presence with its “#chagetherhyme” campaign.

The brand wanted to enhance the concept of real beauty in India by using local insights of women. Their campaign celebrates a different notion of beauty which featured India’s women athletes. Our favourite rhyme, “Chubby Cheeks”, played in the background of the ad video. Dove fetched millions of views on its YouTube channel for this video that spoke against the unrealistic beauty standards that the Indian society imposes upon young girls.

  1. Weight Watchers – #WWfreestyle

The digital marketing campaign of this brand shows how brilliant a brand can be while choosing the right partner for it.

The beginning of 2018 saw that global music sensation, DJ Khaled, became the brand’s official social media ambassador. Social media platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and FB were explored with this campaign. DJ Khaled participated in the FreeStyle program of Weight Watchers bringing in younger audiences to this brand that promotes diet and weight loss.

As per the CNN reports, Weight Watchers instantly received a 6% boost.

  1. OkCupid

A controversial digital marketing ad was launched by this brand who took a risk by defining the acronym DTF as Dating Deserves Better – All Head Over Heels!

Adweek reports show that this risk actually paid off well. This campaign boosted the brand’s social mentions by a whopping 50%. It resonated with the woken and those in the LGBTQ community. It demonstrated the effectiveness of disruptive marketing.

  1. IHOP – Now IHOb

The changing of a brand name is a risk that few are willing to take. However, there are the daredevils like IHOP who generated one of the largest brand awareness campaigns last year.

The brand introduced a very simple new product line – burgers.

It created vitality bigger than any brand of its similar niche. For example, it incurred more conversation, 948,750 to be precise, in comparison to Burger King or McDonald’s and even beat social media kings like Wendy’s! It was a simple trick that quadrupled its sales.

On Twitter, it stated,

“We have been here for 60 pancakin’ years’ folks as IHOP! Now, we are flippin’ our name to IHOb. To know more, wait for 6.11.18. #IHOb”.

  1. Coca Cola – BTS as Spokesmen

Coca Cola has always been a clever troupe!

They know which things can go VIRAL on the virtual media, and last year was no exception. Last summer, the brand used the largest sports event in the world – FIFA for announcing their partnership with pop legend band, BTS.

The brand remarkably utilised their hunch regarding which influencers shall bring them more market, and they did it. Their digital marketing ad regarding the announcement earned a conversation of 1,005,475!

Brands have a way of their own you know?

All of these mega brands that stirred a swirl in the virtual world know where to mark their insignia. Digital marketing is not something which you can define for it changes every day with the advancement of technologies and social media bonanza.

Creating unprecedented interests in the minds of their target audience is what the challenge is. It is a reinvigorating game where the slightest bit of lax in marketing leads to a considerable losing out of your brand position.

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