10 Social Media Tools Every Marketer Should Use

10 Social Media Tools Every Marketer Should Use


  1. 3,500,000,000 live videos on FB exist since “Going Live” was introduced.
  2. 78% of digital businesses employ social media tools for promotions.
  3. 48% of Americans interact with digital brands through one social media platform.
  4. FOMO or Fear of Missing Out has made Instagram Stories a hit with 200 million active users.
  5. 73% of adults in the United States watch YouTube.

Mind boggled yet?

Such huge numbers are showing you how important for any digital entrepreneur it is to use social media analytics tools to gorge how the brand performs on these platforms.

Marketers are getting endowed with a laundry list of responsibilities that keep growing!

  • Social media marketing
  • Customer interaction
  • Advertising promotions

All these activities are indeed challenging to handle simultaneously at the same time.

Tediousness becomes a dictionary word for them.

However, there is some luck! Lucrative social media tools have come up and made life a little less troublesome for such marketers.

Check out the top 10 social media analytics tools for 2019!

#1 – Hootsuite

This finds a special place in every marketer’s heart. It is the first social media tool that any marketing assistant got to use. It comes with a free plan which poses a robust number of features such as –

  • Managing 3 social media profiles at one single place.
  • Scheduling 30 posts in advance.
  • Generating leads with the help of social contests.
  • Basic analytics which tracks followers, growth and contest statistics.
  • 2 RSS social feed integrations.

This one is the winner!

#2 – BuzzSumo

This is a tool which lets one find some of the most shared contents on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and others.

  • You use it for analysing which type of content is performing the best for your target audience.
  • After this, all you need is get started on framing your content as per the popular consensus.
  • With this tool, you will be able to gain a thorough understanding of your brand’s social media influence, and thereby, develop a smart content strategy.
  • You get to see which social media page, say FB, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or Reddit, was the most hooked on.

#3 – Google Trends

It is a free tool which Google curated for helping people who search for topics trending online. Digital brands utilise this for monitoring things which are happening across the globe. One can use it to –

  • Discover information that is currently the most popular.
  • Monitor keywords for seeing if they are trending or not.
  • Checking how the current volume of keywords compares to your previous months’ ones.

You can very well use all these info to frame your content and share it on the social media platforms.

#4 – Buffer

One of the prominent social media tools, Buffer has been designed with the intent of making it easier for business marketers to schedule posts, conduct performance analysis and lastly manage all accounts at one place.

  • It will allow you to set up a schedule as per all of your social media profiles.
  • Add content to the Buffer queue which it will later publish at the time slots you have assigned.
  • Robust dashboard of analytics where you can observe which posts of your brand content are popular.

You can re-buffer them easily to stay ahead!

#5 –  Social Oomph

As good as its name is, this social media analytics tool comes with a diverse range of features.

  • Scheduling and analytics are its commonalities.
  • Allows you to keep your DM Twitter Inbox all spruced up, and thus, increase your follower count.
  • Wide variety of management features for Facebook, Insta, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn including blog post scheduling.
  • Shorten URLs, track keywords and rescheduling Tweets are also parts of its plan.

It is a bit inclined more towards Twitter though. It lets you handle as many as 5 Twitter accounts at one go.

#6 – Canva

Every brand must be aware of Canva.

Today, with the need to be more illustrative because visual in Insta, FB and every other platform are gaining more ground, Canva has become of tantamount importance. Social media marketers must possess the ability to curate bright images without the help of any professional designer.

  • Create images with ready-made templates.
  • Icons and millennial quotes inscribed banners are also there.

Make your images look professional without doing much-designing work. It comprises an easy to use drag & drop interface.

#7 – Unsplash

Another favourite tool for designing, photography and creating videos is none other than Unsplash. It is a colossal library consisting of numerous free professional images which you can use for free.

  • It gives your brand content a polished
  • It helps to market your brand images in a pro-professional way.

You can also look for Pexels, Videvo and similar social media tools for image enhancement.

#8 – Feedly

Feedly proves to be equally great!

If you are working with influencers and wish to follow their marketing blogs or keep up with industry news by visiting websites, then Feedly is the ONE.

  • It is a huge time-saving tool as it adds RSS feeds of your favourite sites so that you can see them anytime you want.
  • This tool is majorly known for idea generation of brand content.
  • By adding those blogs whose contents you like to see on your feed, it provides you with future potentials of creating niche blogs yourself.

Feedly helps you to become an influencer of social media.

#9 – Todoist

Related to social media work productivity, Todoist is your ultimate calendar.

  • It ensures that your brand is posting regular images, statues or stories on social media platforms consistently.
  • This kind of calendar proves beneficial for, in this way, you can grow your audience base online and increase engagement by building a loyal customer clan.

This is based on intended content which you get to post easily.

#10 – Sprout Social

This is yet another important one in your list of social media tools.

  • Designed for helping social marketers grow their presence on diverse
  • It also helps your business to hunt, form and grow real connections.
  • Drives a healthy ROI.

Optimizing your social media strategy with such smart social media analytics tools lets your marketing endeavours get an extra edge.

It makes your ship sail a wee bit ahead than your market competition.


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